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MONSTER TRACKS standard license is straightforward and provides our clients with the flexibility they need when commissioning original music for broadcast and non-broadcast use.

MONSTER TRACKS Standard License

Unless otherwise expressly stated, all music purchased from MONSTER TRACKS is licensed under the following terms:

1. MONSTER TRACKS retains full copyright ownership of all of our original musical works. None of our music is created or provided as a "work for hire" unless this is explicity stated in a written agreement.

2. MONSTER TRACKS' clients are granted an unlimited broadcast license for each piece they purchase. This covers all forms of broadcast in perpetuity.

3. MONSTER TRACKS' clients are granted a limited non-broadcast license for each piece they purchase; the limitation being that MONSTER TRACK music may not be offered for resale.

4. MONSTER TRACKS' standard license is exclusive to the original purchaser (or advertiser, as may be appropriate in certain cases).

5. MONSTER TRACKS' original compositions and recordings may not be modified, rearranged, or altered in any manner without express permission.

6. MONSTER TRACKS' clients accept these terms when they complete any purchase of our music.

What this means is that any piece of music you purchase from MONSTER TRACKS can be used and reused in its original form for as many spots or projects you like, for as long as you like, without incurring any additional fees. You pay one up-front fee covering all production costs (including talent) and usage. The only things you can't do are (a) alter the music without our permission (mixing with sound effects and voiceover or other dialog is allowed), and (b) resell or redistribute the music (for example, you can't redistribute our tracks through retailers such as iTunes or any music library vendor).

Please contact us if you have any questions about our licensing policy.